Ozone Therapy
in McKinney, TX

Ozone therapy is a natural and highly effective treatment that utilizes ozone, a naturally occurring gas, to promote healing and combat infections in the mouth. This therapy involves the precise application of ozone to targeted areas, harnessing its powerful antimicrobial properties.

Ozone therapy is a versatile tool in our arsenal, capable of addressing a range of dental concerns. If you’re interested in learning more about the power of ozone therapy, our knowledgeable front office team would be more than happy to assist you.

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What is Ozone used for in dentistry?

Ozone therapy offers many benefits:

Periodontal Disease: Ozone gas reaches deep into gum tissues, which would otherwise be inaccessible, and effectively eliminates bacteria and promotes gum health. When combined with regular cleanings and proper home care, it significantly enhances gum health and reduces the necessity for more invasive interventions.

Fillings and Crowns: During decay removal, ozone not only eliminates bacteria but also sterilizes the area, minimizing post-operative sensitivity and discomfort. This versatile gas permeates tooth tubules and gum pockets, ensuring thorough and conservative sterilization while expediting recovery and enhancing long-term outcomes.

Sensitivity: Ozone therapy addresses tooth sensitivity stemming from various factors, including compromised tooth and gum structure. By eradicating bacteria and fortifying tooth structures, ozone reduces sensitivity effectively.

Canker Sores: Localized ozone injections offer substantial relief from canker sores, reducing their duration and discomfort. In many cases, this intervention accelerates the healing process, with canker sores often resolving within hours or days, particularly when promptly addressed.

Extractions: Ozone therapy supports rapid tissue healing post-extraction. It expedites recovery by eradicating local bacteria, infusing tissues with oxygen, and minimizing the risk of infections, ultimately facilitating effective healing at the extraction site.

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Is ozone safe to use?

One of the most remarkable aspects of ozone therapy is its ability to achieve these positive outcomes without the need for invasive procedures or the use of harsh chemicals. It’s a minimally invasive, gentle, and natural approach to dental care. Ozone therapy is well-tolerated by patients and integrates seamlessly with our commitment of providing holistic and patient-centered treatments.

Ozone therapy also aligns perfectly with our emphasis on biocompatible and eco-friendly practices, as it is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disinfectants and antimicrobial agents. It leaves no harmful residues, making it a sustainable choice for both patient health and the environment.

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